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Delicious and life changing Tea

Think about the plants that got Columbus to sail to the new world.....cloves, black pepper, cardamon, ginger, cinnamon. These little jewels of spice medicine literally opened up the possibility of the New World for humanity. And today in our classic Yogi Tea recipe, these same spices make an elixir that is an immune booster and liver support remedy. We often serve this combination at every 3HO event worldwide as a way to help health and open up the world of meditation and peace. Try it and see how you feel. It can support digestion, relieve fatigue and is a healthy alternative to coffee.

Yogi Tea

1 Gallon Water 30 cloves 30 whole green cardamon pods 30 whole black peppercorns 1 lg finger of fresh ginger, thinly sliced 5 sticks cinnamon 1 teabag, Black Tea (optional) *Milk and Honey to taste (*optional)

  1. Bring water to boil.

  2. Add all spices except black tea bag. Boil 30 -45 min. Longer is stronger.

  3. Finally, add black tea bag and boil another 5 min. **The black tea is added last because it amalgamates the spices and harmonizes the flavor. Very small amount of caffeine but if you need to skip this you can.

  4. If adding milk & honey, do so after adding the tea bag and letting it steep– OR BETTER add milk and honey to individual cup or a small batch. That way you can store the raw tea in the fridge and prepare with milk and honey as you go.

  5. After adding milk and or honey, bring to a boil again, then shut immediately or keep on lowest flame to keep warm.

**Milk helps to ease the shock of the spiciness on the stomach and intestines so drink with milk if you’re sensitive.Note: for a stronger tea you can let the spices sit and sink to the bottom. If the tea gets really strong you can cut it with milk or reconstitute with a little water.