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Parasite Cleansing 101: the Magic of a Goat Milk Cleanse!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Set up a consultation with Dr. Japa to see if a goat milk cleanse is right for you.

Why do a goat milk cleanse?

Your intestines are an amazing ecosystem of microbes, bacteria, and occasionally… you guessed it… worms. While most of the critters living in the microbiome that makes up your gut are absolutely crucial to your overall health, sometimes some extra creepy crawlies get in there that aren’t so friendly to your system. We call these little guys parasites. There are lots of ways to come by them, but some really common ones are through interacting with pets or other animals, and traveling to foreign places where your body isn’t as used to the makeup of microbes in that area.

Why are they a problem?

Parasites are one of the main causes of inflammation in the body. They are at the root of many chronic diseases, which means you want to address them early and often. Even before this stage, however, they can have a big impact on a person’s overall sense of well-being, health, and energy. Ongoing digestive issues are also quite often a result of problems with parasites. Needless to say, eliminating these creatures from your gut is a super important step on the road to taking control of your body and feeling great.

A goat milk cleanse is a wonderfully effective way to clean out these parasites and heal your gut lining. Everyone should consider doing an annual parasite cleanse to keep your gut functioning at optimal health, but this is especially important if you own pets or travel to foreign countries. This cleanse is especially great to do when the weather starts warming up in the later spring or early summer. It is important to work with a healthcare professional while you do this cleanse to make sure you are taking the right herbs for your system and to monitor your progress. You can set up a consultation with Dr. Japa here to see if now would be a good time for you to consider this cleanse.

So how does it work?

Quite simply, worms love milk. When you drink the milk, they come out from where they are hiding in your gut lining because they want milk. Gross, right?

Then comes the important part. Now that they’re out and feeding on milk, the key is to immediately blast them with anti-parasitic herbs. Therefore the herbal regimen you will be using during this cleanse is absolutely crucial to making sure that your gut is properly cleaned out. There is an additional herbal regimen following the cleanse to ensure that the process is completed fully and all parasites are eliminated at every stage of their life cycle.

What if you can’t tolerate dairy?

If you really, truly can’t digest dairy, this cleanse may not be for you. However, many people who think they don’t tolerate dairy are in fact just having an averse reaction to cow’s milk. Goat milk is very close to human milk composition, and it is surprising how many people who think they are lactose intolerant can do really well on a diet of goat milk.

In addition to obliterating parasites, this cleanse also gives your whole system a reboot. It’s a chance to soothe any ongoing inflammation in the gut as a result of food choices and it can soothe blood sugar issues because the milk is such a simple, primal substance.

Ready to try it?

What you will need:

How to do it:

For 8 days you will omit all foods from your diet except milk. The milk must be whole, and if possible, organic and/or raw. Goat’s milk is preferred as it is much easier for the body to digest than cow’s milk.

The process is fairly simple. Just drink a glass whenever you are hungry. The goal is not to starve yourself. Drink as much milk as you need to stay satisfied. You can add cardamom, cinnamon, or honey to your milk as a flavoring if you wish.

You may also drink water in moderate amounts, but no juices or other liquids. The one exception to this rule is that you may drink one cup of tea or coffee in the morning if you desire. You can add goat milk and honey as preferred, but no refined sugar.

It is important that you take no other food or drink for the full eight days. This prevents any change in the stomach juices while the parasite medications are doing their work.

Besides drinking the milk, the key component of this cleanse is the herbal supplements you will take along with it. It is very important that you stick to this regimen and continue taking the herbs on a regular schedule until you have completed the full run. There are two herbs you will need to take throughout the eight days of your cleanse:

  • Take two capsules of P4, P3, or ParaFree every two hours with a glass of milk, for a total of twelve capsules each day. By the end of eight days you should have taken 96 capsules.

  • Take 2-3 capsules of Triphala along with your morning and evening glasses of milk. You can adjust the amount of Triphala according to your need, but keep the timing consistent. This is to keep the bowels moving freely during this time. You should regulate the amount of Triphala your are taking to have at least three bowel movements a day.

After you have completed the cleanse:

The transition out of a cleanse is a sensitive time for your body. Start slow and give yourself time to adjust to introducing additional foods back into your diet. For one or two days it is best to start with simple vegetable broth or blended veggie soups. After that you can slowly begin to add additional foods back into your diet, making sure to keep checking in with your body and not overload your system with overly heavy foods.

In addition to this, you should take three Okra Pepsin capsules three times per day, half an hour before eating. Continue this until you have finished the whole bottle. The Pepsin phase is very important. While the goat milk cleanse addresses the adult worms in the gut, Pepsin cleans out all the unhealthy mucous in the intestines where the eggs and larvae are hiding, making sure to eliminate the parasites at every stage of their life cycle and helps with both digestion and assimilation.

If necessary, you can continue taking Triphala in the mornings and evenings to keep your bowels regulated.

Set up a consultation with Dr. Japa to see if a goat milk cleanse is right for you.

Thank you to the Light Harmonics Institute for developing this program and protocol.