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Heal that Inner Child!

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Did you know that in the fall people often get "allergies" and headaches that are the result of stuck energy in the Stomach and Spleen meridians? As part of our bodies' natural cycles, specific energy pathways are "turned on" through the yearly cycle of the seasons.

The late summer or fall is the time of the Stomach and Spleen meridians. When we don't take care of these cycles of life, sometimes we can feel anxious or overwhelmed moving into Fall... have you ever noticed that? I have for sure!

Here's how these special meridians flow through the body:

The Spleen Meridian is highlighted here: the Spleen is an etheric plug that connects us with the vastness of everything, when we connect with it, we can heal our inner child!

And so with a lot of love I invite you to try these easy self care techniques to keep your Stomach and Spleen harmonized.

1. One easy fix is to alkalize your body with fresh lemon water on an empty stomach every morning to set the energy of the Spleen and Stomach for the day. But don't overdo it! The spleen is like a little baby--it responds to a regular schedule, with regular rest and treats.

2. Treat your Spleen with natural, healthy sweets! As the inner child of your body, it responds to encouragement, positive thinking, and naturally sweet food. Look for the freshly harvested apples and pears at your food coop. Bake them with cinnamon and butter, and treat your Spleen to a seasonal food that will nurture your body and build your blood in preparation for the coming winter.

These are just a few ideas. You can learn a whole lot more with me at Elements & Alchemy; How Kundalini Yoga works in Millis, MA in February.

Click here to register or just to find out more information.

I look forward to seeing you there!

The Complexity of the Spleen

The Spleen especially is a unique hybrid of organs as it actually is a parallel to the adrenal/pancreas/spleen network. It has a shared function off immune system regulation and hormonal interplay with the pancreas and adrenals. The spleen as an etheric plug(Lancaster, L., 2014 Santa Fe, lecture), acting as an anchor for the body to process all kinds of subtle information through its connection to the immune system, which constantly sorts out identity issues what I am vs. what I am not. When the Spleen Qi is strong you have strong digestion, a feeling of power and strength and lots of energy. When Spleen Qi is weak, you will have gas, bloating, loose stools and a feeling of overwhelm and fatigue. The spleen helps to transform dampness, which is a pathogen related to foggy thinking and too much fluid in the meridians, limbs and organs. If dampness goes on for too long in the body because of a weak Spleen, it can solidify into fibroids, tumors or cysts. The Spleen can lose it’s ability to transform and this is what causes dampness. In some ways, the spleen is like the inner child, it responds well to a regular schedule, regular mealtimes and containment. If the spleen is kept warm, dry and protected from too much rich food, stress or overthinking, then it can respond and transform food properly. If a person is overworked, eating poorly (either too much or too little) this weakens the Spleen. When trauma happens, such as sudden bad news or a family medical crisis, a person can suddenly lose their appetite OR want to overeat. This is simply the cry of the Spleen as it asks for nurturing so that it can stay on top of what it’s meant to do. All kinds of stress and trauma can overwhelm the Spleen Qi and limit digestion, and this is when dampness sets in. Dampness can be a negative spiral where moisture accumulates due to poor digestion. This is a physical as well as a phsyiciological process because dampness feels like profound overwhelm. This is when a person believes they simply cannot handle their life and they may suffer from clouded thinking or confusion. There can be physical symptoms of loose stools, fatigue and mucous.

But the Spleen responds to simple healthy foods, especially autumn harvest foods because on the cycle of the Five Elements the Spleen corresponds to autumn or fall. So all root vegetables and brightly colored squash that are naturally sweet in flavor restore the Spleen and stop the downward spiral into dampness. One way to bring in health to the Spleen is to give a healthy sweet treat like a date or piece of fruit after accomplishing a goal. The Spleen responds to gentle rewards and nurturing! Love your Spleen!