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Pauri Kriya for Self Efficacy


This concentrative meditation has been shown to be effective in research on the effects of meditation on self-efficacy beliefs.

Sit comfortably with your spine aligned. Rest your hands on your knees, palms facing up, with elbows straight. Close your eyes.

Inhale by dividing the breath into eight equal, separate parts, like sniffs. On the first segment of the eight parts, silently repeat the sound SA, on the second silently repeat TA, on the third repeat NA, on the fourth repeat MA. Silently repeat SA on the fifth, TA on the sixth, NA on the seventh, and MA on the eighth part of the eight-part inhalation.

While you breathe and silently repeat the sounds, move the fingers of each hand in the following sequence: On SA press the tips of the index finger and thumb firmly together, on TA press the middle finger and thumb, on NA press the ring finger and thumb tips, and on MA press the little finger and thumb tips together.

To exhale the breath, recite aloud, SA TA NA MA, SA TA NA MA, in a monotone. Coordinate the pressing of the thumb tips to the fingers with the corresponding sounds, just as you did during the silent eight part inhalation.

Continue the sequence 11-62 minutes.

If you notice your mind wandering, simply return your attention to the breath, sound and finger sequence of the meditation.

At the end of the meditation, inhale in one long breath, retain your breath briefly, and exhale in one long breath. Relax your posture and open your eyes.

Used with permission from KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). Copyright 3HO Foundation.