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Polishing the Body Relationship; as Yogis, our Body is our Teacher

Knowing how the body is working, in its most subtle levels, deepens your understanding of health and dis “ease” in life. Familiarity with how your body works allows you to make adjustments and take preventive measures to support a better quality of life. At the level of physical anatomy there is concern for how things function mechanically. At the level of subtle anatomy there is concern for how things feel intuitively.

In Teacher Training we explore this depth of our journey with our bodies as one of the great teachers in our lives. Listening through meditation and daily practice is a learned skill. Not everyone was raised with sensitive listening to their body.  What does my body need? What sign is my body giving me that I’m making the right choices for myself in my life? How can I allow myself to deeply hear the signals that my body gives me?

 Allowing the body to serve as a compass that directs us towards greater happiness and fulfillment is a skill that can be developed over time. When we are not clear about what we are doing our body tells us by having unreasonable cravings and addictions. When we know what we want in this life and are creatively fulfilled, the body is more content, able to live and move through life with ease. This “ease” not only prevents disease but can create longevity through the experience of the meaningful nature of day to day life and the experience of the joy of simple pleasures.

We long for simplicity and happiness, and when we allow these things to come to us through daily yoga practice our relationship with our body pulses into the connectivity and oneness with the Universe. All beings, all creatures, all aspects of the universe flow in oneness, but it takes daily practice of yoga to be able to “feel” into the truth of this and allow the body to be in great ease.

With the stressors of modern life weighing on us, it takes dedication and commitment to learn to meditate, to practice yoga and to then allow the body to shift into contentment.

The 220 Hour KRI® Level One Yoga Teacher Training Program fully supports you in a transformational process of getting to know your body and yourself more intimately so that you can experience your true health and happiness.

Through the support of the group dynamic and practicing together, your daily practice organically grows as well. A polishing takes place; your physical karmas shift and your perspectives deepen through the strengthening and revitalizing practice of Kundalini Yoga.  

Join us in January 2020, supported by the teaching community at High Desert Yoga!

High Desert Yoga is pleased to sponsor another year of life changing 220 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training beginning January 2020. If you want to let go of your bad habits, embrace the depth of yourself and live in real health and wellness this is the course for you. The Training Team is long time practitioners who trained one-on-one with Yogi Bhajan and have incredible stories and wisdom to share. Through this course you will develop the strength and clarity to feel better and live deeply in the depth and happiness of your character.