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Savory Pancakes!

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Can't go wrong with these protein packed pancake wonder friends!

Sprouted Mung Beans Pancakes

1 cup mung beans soaked overnight, rinsed,

Salt, pepper

Blend mung beans thoroughly, add salt and pepper to taste and a splash of tamari,1 tbs of oil, salt and pepper…..add water until a pancake batter consistency

If it gets too thin, add a bit of Gluten Free flour mix to even it out

Pour a pancake sized dollop onto a very hot, oiled griddle to fry

Before flipping over, sprinkle chopped green onions or chopped cilantro for flavor on top

Dash of cumin on the griddle also tastes great

Flip over after a few minutes.

Serve hot with creamy Lime Tahini Sauce and chopped spinach