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Ten Best Ways to Support your Immune System!

Top Ten Ways to Lift your Immune System

Number 10

Breath of Fire for 31 minutes

Or 3 minutes will help too! The second I sense I’m “catching” something I stop… drop… and start the huffy puffy breathing beloved around the world by yogis.

This immediately turns on the immune shield of the upper body; activating the respiratory system and turning on what we call the “Wei QI’ in Eastern medicine or upper body shield. You know that feeling when you’re coming down and there are tingles and chills along the back of your neck and upper shoulders. That is the Wei Qi working to push the toxin up and out. It’s healthy inflammation that your body creates to shield you. So help your body and add some Breath of Fire.

Number 9

Immunity Boost

Did you know  that your intestines are a key part of your immune system? They’re a responsive system of interlocking parts. Your intestines and the complex mix of life inside it is an intricate net helping to sort out what is you and what is not you. It’s like a Marie Condo organizing party in there. All day long!

Strengthen this boundary of the gut microbiome with healthy probiotics and healing foods that support the gut lining. Low inflammation, plant based diets foods with healthy fats; olives, avocados, coconut oil, and of course add turmeric to support your gut lining.

Number 8 

Strengthen your own Healthy Boundaries

Having boundaries in our own personal and business lives helps us to establish a healthy rhythm for our bodies. When we over do it, our body is the first to sacrifice. Your immune system needs the right amount of “Rest” and “Pause” in order to stay healthy. It relies on you to exercise and to rest at the right times so that it can complete its interconnected processing and keep you strong. You can feel it when you overdo it, but it’s hard to stop sometimes unless we remind ourselves that healthy boundaries, not overcommitting, not under doing are the way to maintain our physical health.

From Enlightened Bodies: The primary purpose of the immune response and lymphatic structure is to keep out of the body anything that does not align with its highest potential. Its purpose is to identify and eliminate any pathogen that could cause illness, disorder, or disease. It is both an early alert system and a catalyst for relaxation and self-care.

Number 7

A Super Special Yoga Spice

Yes the rumours are true. In our Library of Teachings Yogi Bhajan mentions and spins on the benefits of Black Pepper 74 TIMES! He loved black pepper for the immune system and cleaning out the liver. 

Black pepper is recommended to clear allergies, mucus, and even… its possible in woo kundalini land that we perceive black pepper can penetrate to the DNA level and support transformation of your genetic code. WHAT? I would donate to a fund  to research that assertion. My educated guess is that if meditation can penetrate to the telomere level then black pepper can liberate your karma on some level. So pepperize your food and if you do get sick, try these recipes:

Make yourself a black pepper coffee by boiling a handful of peppercorns in water for 5 minutes or so and then mix it half and half with pomegranate or apple juice. It will help you clear mucus and get better faster. For children, if my child is stopped up I will crunch up fresh pepper and mix a tiny amount with honey (about the size of a pencil eraser) and have him eat it. (1-2 x’s a day)

Number 6 

Meet Spiderman

Wash those hands. Yes it is technically the best way to keep yourself from passing or picking up viruses and the flu. When you wash your hands and run water over those five fingertips- you balance the five elements through the expression of the energy tattwas through the hands and fingers.

WIth our new family pet we have to wash our hands constantly. Meet Beardie our new full grown bearded dragon. His actual name is Spiderman aka Peter Parker but when he’s not jumping from building to building or writing articles for the Daily Bugle, he’s hanging out in a 90 degree aquarium eating crickets.

Number 5

Super Woo!


And please join me in this health supporting technique from the Louise Hay affirmation tradition. When I wash my hands I look at myself in the mirror and I recite my positive affirmations or new beliefs I am working on encoding in my heart and consciousness. “I love and accept myself as I am right now.” My woo theory is that germs and bacteria can’t land as easily on me when my self esteem is intact. Let me know what your woo theory is about it, I’m curious!

Number 4


It’s not really the mechanics of bacteria, viruses, etc: that make or prevent your illness. It’s really your attitude, your positive projection and arcline and how you overcome challenges in your life that lays the foundation of your immunity. Can you transform situations from victim to victory? Can you perceive the people around you and bless yourself and them, accepting their shortcomings and your own as part of the great oneness of life. Can you pass warm fuzzies to another person instead of cold pricklies? These are all actions that reinforce the nervous system and immune system. Riding your life on a cloud of worry and stress negatively impacts your health for sure. Consciously choosing to build your life around victory allows for a subtle shield around you that gives your physical body strength.

Number 3


Clove tea is typically used in the springtime in the first warm days of the season. Clove tea has anecdotally been successful as a cold and flu preventative. Cloves are a spice known for reducing parasitic activity in the body. According to Yogi Bhajan, viruses breed in the springtime and drinking clove tea every morning for the month of May will increase protection. The nose, ears, throat, and bronchial tissues will absorb the protective capacity of the clove (Bhajan, 1995).

Number 2

Exercise your smile muscles

Happiness and immune function go hand in hand. the happier you are, the easier it is

to stay healthy. the brain does not know whether a smile is from happiness or whether happiness leads to a smile. A very glum mood can change just from forcing a smile or a laugh. After a few minutes one may simply start to feel better. there are practices in Kundalini

Yoga that tap into this phenomenon with big belly laughs, chanting Haree, whistling, or even forcing a goofy smile. these are simple ways to impact the nervous system and shift from a downward cycle to focusing on the positive (Khalsa, S.S.K, 2015).

And the number one way to support your immune system: Number 1

We are in this together! Don't blame China.

Now more than ever we are one  global population and we’ve got to remember we're in this together. The other person truly is you!. Together we become aware of the internal workings of old software from the Piscean Age that had us pitted against each other in competition with other humans. This was and is a collective lie that had us trapped in cycles of poverty. Together we break free of this notion and create a new reality where everyone is fed and nurtured and our earth and its inhabitants are cared for! We DO have the resources to create this reality and as humanity grows we will creatively find a way to transform.

Art by Gurukiren K Khalsa

Remember that the Chinese people and their country have absolutely nothing to do with the virus anymore than any other flu virus that exists and to guard ourselves against projecting negatively and having toxic thoughts about the “other”. Our true immune health comes through acceptance of the other person and reclaiming our own shadow parts within. When you see a Chinese person at the airport wearing a mask just smile. Your smile will help them and it will boost your own immune system. Project and send love to China and to all Chinese people.

The news and social media posts at this time in our country and perhaps globally are being used to pit humanity against each other. The results are increased isolation and distrust aka Cold Depression. When you are out and about, put down that cell phone even when you are waiting in boring lines. Talk to people, be human! Share and be open.

So as we dismantle the old competitive hierarchy in our hearts and minds, we have to peer ceaselessly into the future, looking for true reminders of the heart center and love that holds all of humanity. And resist together the toxic messaging that breeds isolation and fear.