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The Heart of a Teacher

Updated: Feb 13

The Heart of a Yoga Teacher

For each of us, opening up to the heart of the teacher within is a continual life process. It involves a deep internal knowing that through our yoga practice we refine and work on ourselves and clear negativity so that we can help others do this as well.

We are all connected through our shared human experience, but more importantly we have shared collective consciousness. Every exhaled breath shares YOU with the Universe and every inhalation brings the collective back inside you once more.

In my process of teaching people to become yoga teachers, I am always stunned by how much the students clear in the 9 month process. By the end of the training, they have better health and are gliding through life with a great deal more ease and joy. They have effectively “leveled up” in their lives; so many physical and relationship karmas have shifted and opened up.


In October we begin an incredible 220 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Hacienda Yoga here at the heart of Kundalini Yoga in Espanola, NM. If you want to let go of your bad habits, embrace the depth of yourself and your highest destiny in this lifetime, this is the course for you. Our Training Team includes special women who trained one-on-one with Yogi Bhajan and have amazing stories and tips to share. Through this course you will develop your strength and clarity to feel better and less stressed in your life, so you can fully be your highest self.

In your life process, have you ever had a moment where you were so triggered and yet at the same time, you felt the depth of yourself, that it was all coming from you, that your internal software was allowing the pain and uncomfortable sensations...? This is the heart of the Teacher —we face our challenges and take full responsibility. In Kundalini Yoga, we develop grit and endurance so that our day-to-day life gets increasingly rich and bright! We realize that our lives involve a continual clearing of our own neuroses, for ourselves, and in order to support other souls in the same efforts. There is never another person to blame, even though it can be tempting to hold someone else responsible for our problems.

Kundalini Yoga is specifically designed for these stressful times, when each one of us has so much on our plate that it feels like we will burst if we add one more stressor. Fortunately this unique style of yoga is easy to do and immediately strengthens the nervous and endocrine systems. This develops our adaptive competence—the ability to flow with what is happening in an easeful way, the ability to adjust to what is happening around us with grace.

When I practice regularly, I can take the stressors of my life in stride. I can live in an enlightened way, refining my habits and just flat out dropping my neurotic triggers. Consider joining us in the Fall of 2020 for the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training so that you can feel good, do good and be good.

Namaste/Sat Nam.