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Yummy Smoothies

What an amazing way to get a salad into yourself without having to actually eat a salad!  You can put a handful of greens, some fruit and a splash of juice and have a dessert drink for yourself that is secretly getting all the minerals and nutrients in green vegetables in to your body.

A favorite way to disguise winter greens (Kale, Chard, lettuce) is a nut and fruit smoothie.  Dress up greens with just the right ratio of nuts and fruit for a delicious snack.  The trick is start with frozen berries and a few cashews,  almonds or hemp seeds to help it keep that creamy flavor and add some healthy fats and protein.  For every additional “healthy” item that you add (a handful of spinach, sprouts or spirulina) add a “sweet” item: dates, berries, oranges to balance the flavor.  A typical smoothie would be a cup of blueberries covered with rice/soy/coconut milk, hemp protein powder + a few dates, almonds and some spirulina with a splash of favorite juice. The splash of juice and the dates hides “green” items and there is an infinite number of fruits, nuts and veggies that to combine.

Here are some recipes for you;

Raspberry and Raw Cacao “Green” Smoothie

2 cups Frozen Raspberries

Cover Raspberries with your favorite juice

Handful of any winter green (Kale, chard, lettuce)

1 TSP Spirulina

1 “splash” of tart cherry concentrate

3 TBS Hemp Seeds

2 TBS Raw Cacao

Blend in a good blender until creamy, add more juice if needed

Basic Blueberry Fruit Smoothie

1 cup pineapple juice

2 cups frozen blueberries

1/2 cup frozen grapes

Blend thoroughly and add more juice if needed to liquify.  The blueberries are an unbelievable antioxidant blast.

Use smoothies to hydrate and disguise health food so that you can eat something super yummy and fill yourself up and not have to reach for sweets.