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Rates & Packages

Maximize your happiness in life by starting  

a journey of personal growth

befriend your body

Come into balance with yourself

This body is a friend to you….. how can you be best friends with your body?

Work with Dr. Khalsa who has expert knowledge and advice from 18 years of private practice and all treatments are available remotely:

  • personalized botanicals and supplements, true health medicine for your body

  • Friendships and relationships; how is your “health” in this important area, get support.

  • Answers about deep life questions, do you need help with your work or finding your purpose?  Drill down on this with an experienced practitioner

  • Specific meditations/life practices for a new you, to shift your frequency and support your health recovery.

                              -tailored, individual personalized wellness for you

  • Parasites, heavy metals and karmic blocks, energetic analysis of all of these for your true wellness

  • Numerology: Gain insight into your personal strengths, challenges and life cycles to discover how you can be more fulfilled.

  • Weight Balancing; Regain your vitality and confidence by gently encouraging your body's most balanced weight.

  • Continued and ongoing support, power of experienced wisdom at your fingertips, email or text for support between sessions.

Thank you for your interest in signing up for a wellness package. I'm so glad to see that you are ready to commit to your own well-being.
These sessions are our opportunity to dive deeper into the issues that you experience in your health and life and get to the root of them. They are also a way of encouraging you to make a commitment to your own health and self betterment by taking a journey together where we can carry you all the way to the other end of your goals.

In order to encourage this commitment, I have special discounted pricing available when you sign up to work with me for multiple sessions.


Drop-in sessions: $150 each

First time session $150 +

Complete Blood Analysis $108 =$258

3 to 6 month package

  • $108 each - Paid in Full (25% savings)




Contact Dr. Japa at to book your coaching package today.