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This body is a friend to you….. how can you be best friends with your body?

Maximize your happiness in life by starting a journey of personal growth and come into balance with yourself.

Dr. Japa has expert knowledge and advice from 18 years of private practice, and specializes in helping you reach your maximum potential by addressing underlying imbalances within your organs, internal systems, and energy structures, creating the optimum environment to allow the body to heal itself and develop a natural harmony.

Some of the issues and topics we will address in working together include:

  • Using personalized botanicals and supplements as true health medicine for your body

  • How your health in the area of friendships and relationships is intrinsically linked to the health of your body and internal systems and using each area to heal the other

  • Answers about your deepest life questions, your struggles with your work, or finding your purpose

  • Specific meditations and life practices to shift your frequency and support your health recovery

  • Parasites, heavy metals, and karmic blocks, including energetic analyses of each of these for your true wellness

  • Using numerology to gain insight into your personal strengths, challenges, and life cycles to discover how you can be more fulfilled

  • Weight Balancing: Regain your vitality and confidence by gently encouraging your body's most balanced weight

  • Continued and ongoing support, the power of experienced wisdom at your fingertips, and email and text support between sessions

  • As always, tailored, individual personalized wellness for you


Sign up for an initial consultation to see what Dr. Japa can do for you and discuss the options for your wellness plan. All treatments and consultations are done remotely and take place over the phone.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about bookings or the services offered.



Complete Blood Analysis

Transform your health and life problems using an individual, energetic blood analysis. Find out about parasites, heavy metals and which homeopathics are right for you. Available remotely.

Personalized Consultation

Support your total health inside and out with a 30-minute phone consultation to assess and address your unique needs.

Keynote Speaker

An engaging speaker with a natural approach to health and wellness, nutrition, or Yogic Anatomy & Physiology with actionable insights for your audience.