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Japa’s Subtle Body Story

My father is a cardiovascular surgeon who rides a Harley for fun and is not a great believer in the esoteric realms. He was out riding one day when a large deer jumped in front of his bike.  It caused him to swerve sharply and begin to skid badly. What he described next is one example of the subtle body radiating out beyond time and space.  He says that he felt his mother who had passed away years before, protecting him during the accident.  He believes that was why he came out of the accident relatively unharmed.  My grandmothers prayers echoed forward in time, through her subtle body and protected my father.

Enlightened Bodies

As human beings we yearn to leave a legacy and expand beyond time and space. This desire is a central motivating force behind an optimally functioning reproductive system. The complex relationships between sex organs, energy centers, and hormones mimic the cycles of creation.