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True Health

The True Health Program is a personalized journey where you invest in yourself.  You will receive high powered wellness education and move to true health recovery. In this program, you will uncover the root causes leading to your condition. Using integrative medicine and yoga therapy, together we will tap into your own TRUE HEALTH and co create a life of vitality & ease.


Please schedule a free 15 minute phone consult to determine if our True Health program is a right fit for you.  In our first call we can discuss your intentions and set up an Initial Patient visit.

True Health Program includes:
  • 1 Initial New Patient Visit with Dr. Japa via Zoom  (60 mins)

  • 1 Energetic Blood Analysis & Yoga Therapy Counseling Visit with Dr. Japa via Zoom (45 mins)

  • 1 Clinical Follow up visit with Dr. Japa  via Zoom (45 mins)

  • 2 Visits with our Health and Fitness Coach Vanessa Bassett (60 mins). You will discuss topics ranging from lifestyle support, cooking classes, to evaluations & mindfulness training

  • Written treatment and supplement plan with access to professional quality supplements, specialized yoga and meditation recommendations.

    • Program Cost $1800, or 6 monthly payments of $300


What to expect in your Initial Intake Visit:
  • A video conference call via Zoom (90 minutes)

  • This includes:

    • A detailed review of your underlying concerns, health goals, history, current medications, and supplements

    • A detailed survey of your health symptoms and diet history (Filled out before the visit)

    • Medical case review and physical exam

    • You will leave this appointment with CLEAR NEXT STEPS towards resolving your health issues:

      • Set treatment goals

      • Lab test recommendations that will clarify what systems are imbalanced (cost of labs not included, but we offer direct lab order payments to ensure the lowest price for our patients)

      • Initial lifestyle and supplements recommendations


Health and Nutritional Coach:
  • With our qualified  Lifestyle Health Coach Vanessa Bassett

  • Accountability and progress tracking of your goals

  • Relaxation training for greater daily ease and energy

  • Support materials like recipes and handouts

  • True Health evaluation 


What happens after the True Health program?
  • Our patients health issues have transformed after our True Health program. Many will continue to work with us directly to maintain their new found health. We offer follow up appointments at 30 and 60 minutes appointments.